CPH Cloud


Copenhagen Airport





CPH Cloud is a networked service platform that provides support and new opportunities to passengers, staff and retailers by connecting them together, prompting them with useful information at opportune moments throughout the airport (space & time) and providing a key platform for expansion of the travelling experience in the future. One such expansion could be FlashTicket, a potential CPH Cloud platform service that allows passengers to credit a boarding pass with money and spend it at the airport, both on their journey and on future journeys. The service provides incentives in the form of rounding-up spare change and special offers and discounts from retailers.

Hi, Mac here. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with experience working in agencies, start-ups and multi-nationals. My main interest is the impact of digital, networked services on physical products & human experiences. Welcome to my digital playground and portfolio.

I am currently Director of AJOTO, where we make Beautiful Tools for your Journey.