Future Technology

Urbbi is a prototype product-service concept that explores how to help people take care of the plants in their home while encouraging learning and sharing about how to grow their own food. The Urbbi system allows people to keep their plants alive by having them talk directly to the ubiquitous devices and online services we use everyday. The Urbbi box is a simple sensor box that monitors the light falling in the area around it and the moisture in whatever soil you've placed the supplied moisture sensor. The information is directly shown on the face of the Urbbi sensor box but also sent wirelessly to a web service which allows you to view the status of your Urbbi on the go.

Hi, Mac here. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with experience working in agencies, start-ups and multi-nationals. My main interest is the impact of digital, networked services on physical products & human experiences. Welcome to my digital playground and portfolio.

I am currently Director of AJOTO, where we make Beautiful Tools for your Journey.